General overview

At year end 2013, the Saipem Offshore Drilling fleet consisted of seventeen vessels: seven deep-water units for operations at depths in excess of 1,000 metres (the drillships Saipem 10000 and Saipem 12000 and the semi-submersible drilling rigs Scarabeo 5, Scarabeo 6, Scarabeo 7, Scarabeo 8 and Scarabeo 9), two for mid-water operations at depths of up to 1,000 metres (the semi-submersible drilling rigs Scarabeo 3 and Scarabeo 4), two high specification jack-ups for operations at depths of from 300 to 375 feet (Perro Negro 7 and Perro Negro 8), five standard jack-ups for activities at depths up to 300 feet (Perro Negro 2, Perro Negro 3, Perro Negro 4, Perro Negro 5 and Ocean Spur) and one barge tender rig (TAD). All units are the property of Saipem, with the exception of the jack-up Ocean Spur, which is on lease from third parties. The fleet also includes other minor units operating mainly offshore Peru. In 2013, Saipem’s Offshore Drilling fleet operated in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea and the Barents Sea, in the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, offshore Mozambique in West Africa and offshore Ecuador and Peru.