Work performed

In 2013, Saipem’s offshore units drilled 127 wells totalling 201,037 metres. The fleet was deployed as follows:

  • deep-water units: the drillship Saipem 12000 continued to operate in Angola for Total, while the drillship Saipem 10000 operated under a long-term contract with Eni, first in Mozambique and then towards the end of the year in Nigeria; the semi-submersible rig Scarabeo 9 operated on a long-term contract with Eni, first in Togo and Ghana and then in the second half of the year in Angola; the semi-submersible rig Scarabeo 8 continued work in the Norwegian sector of the Barents Sea on behalf of Eni Norge until November, when operations were suspended to allow equipment required by the client to be installed; the semi-submersible rig Scarabeo 7 continued operations offshore Angola for Eni Angola until the beginning of November and then underwent planned maintenance and class reinstatement work; the semi-submersible rig Scarabeo 6 operated in Egypt for Burullus; the semi-submersible rig Scarabeo 5 continued to operate in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea for Statoil until around mid-June. It then underwent planned maintenance and class reinstatement work before returning to operate again for the same client at the end of the year;
  • mid-water units: the semi-submersible rig Scarabeo 4 continued activities in Egypt on a contract for International Egyptian Oil Co (IEOC); the semi-submersible rig Scarabeo 3 completed work in Gabon for Harvest and then in March transferred to Nigeria where it continued its work for Addax for the remainder of the year;
  • high specification jack-ups: the Perro Negro 8 continued to work in Italy for Eni’s Exploration & Production Division; the Perro Negro 7 continued operations for Saudi Aramco in the Persian Gulf; the Perro Negro 6 operated in Angola for Chevron until July 1 when, following the collapsing of the seabed under one of its three legs, it suffered irreparable damage and, after rig personnel had been evacuated, finally sank;
  • standard jack-ups: the Perro Negro 5 and the Perro Negro 2 continued operations in the Persian Gulf for Saudi Aramco and National Drilling Co (NDC), respectively; the Perro Negro 5 also underwent planned maintenance during the second half of the year; the Perro Negro 4 continued to operate in the Red Sea for Petrobel; the Perro Negro 3 underwent maintenance and class reinstatement works during the first three months of the year and then began operations in the United Arab Emirates on a long-term contract for National Drilling Co (NDC); the Ocean Spur, which is operated by Saipem and owned by third parties, continued operations in Ecuador for Petroecuador;
  • other activities: in Congo, the tender assisted drilling unit TAD continued work for Eni Congo SA, while operation of the Loango-Zatchi platforms proceeded; offshore Peru, activities continued for BPZ Energy and for Savia, in this latter case with vessels owned by the client and operated by Saipem; offshore Libya, operations for Mabruk Oil Operations with the 5820 packaged installation were completed during the first half of the year and the rig was then demobilised in preparation for its sale to third parties.