Work performed

373 wells, were drilled during 2013, with a total of approximately 820,872 metres drilled.

In South America, Saipem operated in a number of countries: in Peru, work was carried out for various clients (including Repsol, Petrobras, Pluspetrol, Perenco, Savia and Interoil) deploying twenty one company-owned rigs (one of which was transferred to Ecuador towards year-end 2013 for work on a new contract) and operating six rigs owned by clients or third parties; in Bolivia, four rigs were deployed for YPFB Andina, Pluspetrol and Repsol; in Brazil, work was completed for Petrobras and the two rigs were mobilised to new areas of operations in South America and the Middle East for work on new contracts; in Colombia, work continued for various clients, including Ecopetrol, Equion, Canacol, Schlumberger Surenco and Parex Resources, involving the deployment of seven rigs; in Chile, work was commenced for ENAP deploying two rigs; in Ecuador, three company-owned rigs and one third party rig operated for various clients, including Repsol, Tecpetrol, Petrobel and Petroamazonas; finally, in Venezuela, work continued for PDVSA involving the deployment of twenty eight rigs.

In Saudi Arabia, sixteen rigs continued operations for Saudi Aramco and completed work for South Rub Al-Khali Co (SRAK); two rigs from Algeria, one from Congo and one from Brazil are due to arrive in the country.

In the Caspian region, Saipem operated in Kazakhstan for various clients, such as KPO, Agip KCO, Zhaikmunai and UOG, using 5 of its own rigs and 3 supplied by a partner.

In North Africa, Saipem deployed six rigs on operations in Algeria for various clients, including Groupement Sonatrach Agip, Gazprom, PTTEP and Repsol and one rig in Mauritania for Total. It also operated in Morocco for Longreach using a rig which was deployed in the first half of the year in Algeria. The rigs deployed in Algeria were transferred on to other operations during the year (one to Morocco, one to Turkey and two to Saudi Arabia, while two rigs are still in the country awaiting mobilisation to other locations). In West Africa, Saipem continued operations in Congo on behalf of Eni Congo SA using 2 of its own rigs (one of which has now been transferred to Saudi Arabia for work on a long-term contract) and operating 1 rig owned by the client.

Operations in Italy saw the deployment of one rig which performed work for Eni in Trecate in the Novara area and for Total in the Tempa Rossa area.

In Ukraine and Turkey, Saipem deployed one rig on operations for Shell.