Organisational profile

Rif. GRI 2.1-2.10

Saipem is a leading global contractor with a significant local presence in strategic emerging areas such as Africa, Central Asia, America, the Middle East and South East Asia.

Saipem enjoys an excellent competitive position in terms of EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation) and EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) services to the Oil&Gas industry, both onshore and offshore, with a special focus on technologically complex and difficult projects, including activities in remote areas, in deep waters and on projects that involve difficult gas or crude supplies. The drilling services offered by the Company stand out and are provided in many of the most critical areas of the oil industry, often thanks to synergies between the onshore and offshore activities. Saipem’s ability to develop projects in critical and remote areas is ensured by the efficient coordination between local and Corporate activities, guaranteed logistical support worldwide and the consolidated capacity to manage locally any difficulties that arise. Saipem has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 1984. Saipem is a subsidiary of Eni which currently holds a 42.91% share in the Company.

The organisation

Saipem has cutting-edge competencies in engineering and project management and avails of a technologically advanced and extremely versatile fleet.

In order to align the organisational model with the evolution of business, in 2013 a sole Chief Operating Officer was appointed to ensure integrated management of all business activities. The organisational structure resulting from the integration of the Engineering & Construction and Drilling business units is characterised by the following elements:

  • four units, Onshore, Offshore, Drilling and Floaters, focusing on the development of different products and in charge of defining and implementing strategies at global level;
  • eight Regional Managers, representing Saipem in the geographical area assigned and responsible for integrated promotion of business and optimisation of Local Content;
  • central functions - ‘Commercial’, ‘Tendering’, ‘Engineering, Technologies and Commissioning’ and ‘Project Management’, which have a worldwide cross-product steering, coordination and control role.

2013 in numbers

In 2013, Offshore Engineering & Construction work involved the laying of 1,106 km of pipeline and the installation of 206,959 tonnes of plant and equipment. As regards Onshore Engineering & Construction, on the other hand, work included the laying of 433 km of pipelines of varying diameter and the installation of 178,252 tonnes of plant and equipment.

Offshore Drilling comprised the drilling of 127 wells, totalling 201,037 metres drilled, whereas Onshore Drilling comprised 373 wells, totalling approximately 820,872 metres drilled.

Shareholders by geographical area (1)
ShareholdersNumber of shares% of capital
Italy 247,712,308 (2) 56.11
Other EU States 67,229,108 15.23
Americas 54,167,189 12.27
UK and Ireland 33,178,317 7.52
Other European States 12,562,295 2.85
Rest of the World 26,561,683 6.02

(1) Based on 2012 dividend payments.
(2) Includes 1,939,832 treasury shares with no dividend entitlement.

Backlog by geographical area(%)
Europe 17
Middle East 19
Americas 15
North Africa 4
West Africa and Rest of Africa 32
Asia and Oceania 8